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Creating Power by Using Your Lower Body Effectively!

One of the keys to generating power in your swing is to stay athletic and use your lower body correctly and athletically. The key is not only in the sequence when you unwind but how you use your lower body effectively for more power.

Visualize throwing a ball or swinging a bat, the sequence is turn-step-throw or turn-step-swing. It’s the same in the golf swing. Try this tip: Take your golf club and elevate it about a foot off the ground. The turn is the backswing, the step is the lateral move or shift to your front foot and then the throw or swing is the energy of the club that comes swooshing through as a result. You should hear a load swoosh at the bottom of the arc as you do this drill. Remember the sequence on the downswing in golf is body- arms- hands and then the club. When players are losing power they are out of sequence and they usually come down with the arms and club before the body has turned out of the way.

Use your hips correctly for the correct power in your swing. Remember in the “step” portion of the sequence is what starts your downswing. The first thing to move in your downswing in golf should be the front hip initiating some lateral motion towards the target. You can think of it this way, the hips slide a little in the beginning to get the weight shifted into the front side then you should clear your front hip quickly and aggressively. If you turn your hips without the little slide you will end up with your weight on your back foot. So remember add a little slide or step then clear that front hip aggressively and let all that stored up power come flying through into the ball. This will give you that athletic look that all long ball hitters have in golf.

Grip it and Rip It!

Krista Dunton, LPGA
Krista Dunton has nearly 20 years of experience in teaching golf. She is currently owner of Krista Dunton golf and teaches at Berkeley Hall and the Village Golf Shop. She is a PGA and LPGA Class A Member and one of only 9 Level 2 Certified Instructors in Jim Hardy’s The Plane Truth, the leader in fixing ball flight and swing shape and helping players produce a correct and repetitive impact.

Krista is experienced in teaching players of all levels of ability from beginners to Tour Players. She has recently been awarded the following honors:
2010 Golf Digest Top 50 Women Teachers
2009 LPGA SouthEast Section Teacher of the Year

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