Refresh your Game with Michelob Ultra: LEFT…IS, RIGHT!

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How you line up a golf shot pretty much determines where it will go. Aim and alignment are factors you can control before you swing. Because we rarely hit it "pure" every time, a good pre-shot routine that gets you aimed and properly aligned to the target may help you have "superior mis-hits".

Begin your pre-shot routine from BEHIND THE BALL. This is the only way that you can clearly establish the target line using both eyes (binocular vision). Once your brain has the intended message about alignment, you can begin your approach to the golf ball with confidence because this information is now stored in your temporary memory and will be there when you are addressing the golf ball.

From this point, the procedure is straight forward and can become automatic with repetition. First, place your hands on the handle, keeping the clubface square. Then, aim the square clubface to the target on the line you established from behind the ball. Next, align your body (checking feet, thighs, hips, and shoulders) parallel and left of the target line, addressing the golf ball. Last, with confidence, trust your aim and alignment and make your best effort to create the shot. Even if you do not hit it perfectly, it will likely be on line, heading towards the intended target---a great miss!

With experience and repetition, this pre-shot routine will become automatic. So remember…left is in fact, right! Take time to work on a quality pre-shot routine because if you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time!

Deb Vangellow is the Director of Instruction at Sweetwater Country Club in Houston. She is a two-time LPGA Central Section Teacher of the Year (2002 and 2009), an LPGA "Top 50" Teacher, a Golf Digest and GOLF Magazine "Top Teacher", a US KIDS GOLF "Top 50 Kids Teacher", and was continually featured in the now retired Golf For Women Magazine as a "Top 50" teacher. Deb serves as the National Vice President of the LPGA Teaching And Club Professionals and is a lead instructor in the LPGA National Education Program. An educator/coach who offers wellness based developmental programming integrated into her "student centered" philosophy, Deb can be reached at 281-980-4100 X296 or online at

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