Refresh Your Game with Michelob ULTRA: Your Set-up Routine (as easy as 1,2,3)

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Your Set-up Routine (as easy as 1,2,3)
By Gale Peterson, Golf Digest Top 50 Golf Instructor

Consistency Lives in a repeatable pre-shot routine.
What is a pre-shot routine… "A pre-shot routine is a sequence of mental and physical actions which precede the actual swinging of the club. The action of the routine prepares you mentally and physically to play each shot." Dr. Mo "Learn to Win"

Check out this sample with a driver for a straight shot….Here's How
After picking a target, a club and a shot make a practice swing and then begin this 3 step system to consistently give yourself the best opportunity for success.

After taking your grip, I want you to step in and set the inside of your right foot even with the back of the ball. Now bow building your posture and finding balance on the middle of your right foot and aim the clubface to the target. The left arm hangs extended with the left wrist relatively flat.

Now set your left foot so the ball position is off the left heel (driver ball position).

Step the right foot to the right to make the stance shoulder width. Your set up should be balanced and athletic. For a straight ball the clubface should be aimed at the target with your body parallel left.

So Remember: Give yourself the best opportunity to hit great shots and shoot lower scores by performing your pre-shot routine before every shot…

A PGA and LPGA Member, Gale has spent a lifetime dedicated to helping golfers become better players. Her 30 years of experience at Sea Island, combined with the success stories of her students have earned her many accolades: National LPGA Teacher of the Year, Georgia PGA Teacher of the Year, Golf Digest's "America's 50 Greatest Teachers," Golf Magazine's "Top 100 Teachers. Find more tips from Gale at Gale

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