Refresh your game with Michelob ULTRA: Fixing the Arm roll

By Dana Rader

The club shaft can get too much to the inside or behind the body due to the arms rolling or a player trying to tuck the right elbow. From the face on view, the right arm should stay on top of the left at least until the left arm is at eight thirty. The tendency for the arm roller is to let the right arm get lower than the left in the takeaway. This can cause the club to be lifted to the top with the improper body motion or an arm plane that is too vertical. Keeping the Right arm above the left will establish much needed width to the takeaway. This is something you will observe with all good ball strikers.

In the picture below, using a 2x4 board, place the club behind the ball (between the ball and board) to eliminate rolling, PUSH the board away. Try this drill several times then transfer that feel to your real takeaway. A great drill for executing the proper takeaway.

Dana Rader is Founder and Operator of the Dana Rader Golf School, one of the premier learning centers in the United States. She was honored as LPGA National Teacher of the Year in 1990.

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