How to Empower Girls Playing Golf

How to Empower (and probably Energize too)

During our 30-45 minute “social/craft/snack” time after golf, we often have the girls interview each other.  Someone volunteer to be interviewed, and the girls raise their hand and ask questions, mostly about golf.  At the end of the interview, someone will also ask a personal question (about family, pets, school etc.). 

We encourage the girls to speak clearly and make eye contact with one another. We came up with this idea because we have so many new girls in our program this year spanning from ages 7 to 17!!  It gave everyone a chance to get to know one another, young and “old”, and Empower themselves. Hearing them talk about themselves in a positive way, and to hear their love for the game in their answers is Energizing!


Louise Ball, LPGA, Site Director Girls Golf of East TN

Fun Fact: All my irons have names

My start in golf came from wanting to spend more time with my Dad.  I only rode around with him while he played and I would putt occasionally.  As a senior in college, my basketball coach was teaching golf as a PE credit, so I figured it was an “easy A.”  Little did I know I would fall in love with the game after hitting the first ball!  After graduation, my dad taught me the game. Thanks Dad!

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