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The Punch Shot
By Sue Powers - LPGA Class A Professional

On most golf courses, there are a few holes where a golfer needs to hit a low shot under or around a few trees in order to place their ball in perfect position for their approach shot or even to reach the green itself.

Tips to remember

- First, visualize the ball flight you want to produce and determine what club will work best for this desired ball flight.

- To hit a low punch shot, place the ball more off your back foot, and put most of your weight on your front foot with your hands slightly forward, similar to your set-up for a chip shot.

- Your backswing will be shorter than normal and your finish may also be shorter.

- On your forward motion, make sure you keep your weight more toward the target so you create the “punch” motion.

- For a lower shot, finish your swing low; for a slightly higher shot, finish your swing at waist high. 

- You should not finish higher than chest high and your clubhead should finish below or at the height of your hands. 

- Your chest will be over your front foot in your finish, creating a triangle with your body and arms, and the toe of your club will be pointing at your target.

Sue Powers is the 2013 LPGA National Teacher of the Year and Teaching Professional, Pelican Point Country Club, Venice, Florida. She is also a Partner of Ladies Links Fore Golf. Go to to learn more from Sue.

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