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How to Cure That Slice

By Julie Cole LPGA Professional
Managing Partner, Dana Rader Golf Schools

There are 6 different playable ball flights associated with the path of the clubhead and clubface at impact. Slicing is a very common problem with many golfers. If you are one of the many who slice use the following formula to change the ball flight.

Set-up error:

1. Top-left hand tends to be weak, meaning the “V” pointing toward your chin and the grip in the palm. A weak grip will cause the clubface to be “open” creating a high right golf shot.

CURE: (right handed player) Place the club under the pad of the left hand and more in the fingers, with the “V” formed between your thumb and index finger pointing toward the right shoulder (stronger grip). You should see two to three knuckles on the top of your left hand. Place your right hand in the fingers with the “V” also pointed at the right shoulder to help to “square” the clubface.

2. Ball Position: to far forward causing the shoulders to be open and an outside-in golf swing.

CURE: Move the ball position to center of stance and square the shoulders.
IN-Swing Error:

3. On the downswing your shoulders and arms are opening to the target and the club is moving outward causing an “out-to-in” golf swing where you are cutting across the ball. If you keep aiming left and opening your shoulders to cure a slice the error continues to get worse. Golfers with this problem often complain of not having a follow-through.

CURE: On the driving range intentionally learn to hit a hook or draw to cure a slice. Generally the less-lofted clubs are easier to intentionally curve, because less backspin is imparted to the ball and more sidespin is created. On the range select a target and practice this drill. With a 6 iron, make the above grip and ball position change. Next align your body (shoulders and feet) 30 degrees right of your intended target and your clubface at the target. Hit balls off a tee until you see the ball moving right to left either in a gentle draw or hook. You will have the feeling that your “back is to the target” longer in the downswing. With practice the direction of the ball will begin to change.

Right Alignment Wrong Alignment


About Julie
Before making teaching a career, Julie played professionally on the Futures, European, Asian and LPGA Tour, winning 12 tournaments worldwide.  In addition to her outstanding playing credentials she has been twice voted by her peers as LPGA Southeast Section Teacher of the Year. In 2010, she was elected into the Ohio University Sports Hall of Fame for the Lifetime Achievement Award.  To learn more about Julie go to

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