Rules Q&A

Rules Q&A

I was playing a match and my opponent hit her ball in a lateral hazard. She was being very careful not to ground her club as she walked down the embankment but she slipped and fell. Her club hit the ground inside the hazard. Should she have been assessed a penalty for grounding her club? I didn't because I felt it was inadvertent.

No. See Exception 1 under Rule 13

If you are dropping a ball by or in front of a water hazard and the ball rolls forward does that constitute a re-drop. Keep in mind we are dropping well back from where the ball entered the hazard.

This is a common question and most players get confused. Basically if the ball rolls more than two club-lengths, from where it first struck a part of the course, regardless of direction, it must be re-dropped, see Rule 20-2c (vi). If the ball rolls and comes to rest nearer the hole than the point where the original ball last crossed the margin of the water, it must be re-dropped, see Rule 20-2c (vii)(c).

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