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Feb 26

The Social Scene


The Social Scene with Neal Reid will return this year with more of the top social stories from around the LPGA. But, we thought you might like to know that Neal is currently in Sochi, Russia working for the Olympic News Service as a sports writer for short track speed skating, and for the Paralympics as well. 

Although we cannot replace Neal, we will attempt to keep up the Social Scene.  Enjoy the experience Neal but hurry back, your fans will appreciate it.


Top post from Singapore...

You want to know why it's different on the LPGA...Suzann Pettersen shares why #hsbcchampionship #singapore #localtradition photo

Jessica Korda and Jodi Shadoff Ewart look great for the pro-am party photo

Jessica Korda thinks Jetlag got the best of them at dinner ... #hungryboys @JohnnyDelPrete @adamshadoff photos Now he may be a little jetlagged but Korda is beyond happy that her man came to Singapore to be with her during my birthday week! #LoveYou photo

Ah Starbucks - good in any language. Danielle Kang gives a thank you for her @Starbucks Cup!! @KraigKann you da best @LPGA photos

Mika Miyazato had a great time at the pro-am party in two different languages - very cool! プロアマパーティーでした! 明日から、試合が始まります。 ちばるぞー^_^ Have a good night!! #HSBCWomensChampionship photo.

Awesome views @pumagolf village and stadium right by 17th at #hondaclassic. Hanging with my old friends… photo

Lizette Salas, Lydia Ko, Danielle Kang, Ai Miyazato and Mina Harigae are looking great for the HSBC Women's Champions pro-am party photo photo

Nicole Smith shares her new Kia with the world - Love the interior, it's beautiful @Kia @RiversideKia #CadenzaLimited2014 photo Thank you Mark Aiken @Kia @RiversideKia and @LPGA for my KIA Power Drive Award!! #CadenzaLimited2014 #sweetride photo


Top post from the week of February 17th...

Brooke Pancake had a full day of glam, smiles, and awesome clothing for today's @chasefiftyfour photo shoot! photo.

Cindy LaCrosse Crushed it. #ColorVibe photo and look at the tie dye asics. #forfree photo

It's Olympic day for @ROAD2LPGA and @mercurialice lost a bet because Canada rocked the Americans in hockey. Go Canada photo. Looks like you shouldn't make a bet with Alena Sharp.

These Girls have great style “@ANordqvist: Incognito European style... @TheSandraGal #bugeyes #sunnyinside photo”. LOVE

Alison Walshe had a pretty good view at dinner, just not sure why we weren't invited. photo

Brittany Lincicome is taking a little time for pampering guess where she is. #heaven photo

Michelle Wie had a nice view of the city during dinner tonight! @JamieKuhn #thailand #lpga #pattaya photo

Team event today in @LPGA Thailand with @ThePCreamer in our @adidasGolf clothes #twinsies photo

Natalie Gulbis never gets tired of hanging out the with kids from the Boys and girls Club in southern nevada. "I love hanging out with these kids!!" photo  The kids from the boys and girls club today (100). Ate these pizzas I brought in about 10 min!! photo

Judging by all the amazing photos the place to be in Thailand was the Honda LPGA Thailand Gala Dinner.

Did Lexi Thompson take off her heels or Danielle Kang grow a few inches, hard to tell in this photo...Thompson tried not to make it obvious ...#looksprettynormal photo. Kang and Thompson were spotted again with a few of their friends at the Thailand Gala Dinner~ @lydsko @lizettesalas5 @minaharigae @Lexi #lpga #thailand photo. Take a look at the beautiful handcrafted flower from the Gala photo. Honda LPGA Thailand charity dinner :) photo 

The Pro-Am Charity dinner during the Honda LPGA Thailand looked pretty amazing. Michelle Wie had a blast watching/judging the Thai fashion show at the @hondalpgath! photo These lovely ladies could have taken part iin the fashion show!! #tallblonde #shortblonde & #babykiwi photo. photo Smile Morgan photo

Paula Creamer at the Pro-am dinner!!!! @mp_foundation @theirenecho @ckgolferchic Nicole Castrale photo and Brittany Lincicome with @hondalpgath  @TheSandraGal @suzannpettersen @ANordqvist photo. Backed up by good friends! @hondalpgath Pro-Am party! @Brittany1golf @TheSandraGal photo.

Lizette Salas joins the Honda LPGA Thailand dinner with lydsko @minaharigae daniellekang @lexi #jealousofminasshoes photo

Standford was at a loss for words I've been trying to figure out what to say about this option at the pro-am party in Thailand.... photo. A suggestion would be, Amazing and did you save me any?

Glad to be back on tour with the girls @MP_Foundation @ThePCreamer @TheIreneCho @CKGolferChic photo. Irene Cho and @CKGolferChic @AiMiyazato photo and we cannot include this one from the pro-am party @hondalpgath @MP_Foundation photo.

All and all an amazing night at the Honda LPGA Thailand Gala Dinne. Thanks to all the LPGA players for including us each week with your photos makes us feel like we were there.

Staying hydrated with biosteelsports #Thailand #workouttime photo. Sandra Gal always has time for a little fun...OMG...just got a picture with @daniellekang #sopsyched photo When Gal isn't working out she's working on photography skills #Thailand photo. She certainly has the creative eye, nice work, you could make a living doing that.

Did someone say S'mores - count us in! Thanks Ryann O'Toole don't mind if we do join you for S'mores night in the courtyard! Yummy! photo

Irene Coe is reunited and it feels so gooood!!! #pororothepenguin @heeyounglpga photo. Lexi Thompson and her Pro-am group for the hondalpgath :) #hotday #nicegroup photo


Top post from Down Under...

Looks like even Ryann O'Toole's dog rocks @Oakley sunny's photo and is ready to shine in Australia.

Lexi Thompson enjoyed playing with a great group in the pro-am at ISPS Handa Australian Women's Open :) #greatgroup photo. These two little guys are the cutest! Big fans and puma supporters :) photo My biggest fan in Australia came to support me again! Keeley is the best, and got such an amazing gift… photo

Lizette Salas gives a special thank you to her awesome friends @leelo03 and @demi_runas for coming out to San Gabriel Junior Golf… photo.

Sandra Gal is sporting an new shirt and wants to know if you like the back of her @CallawayGolf shirt? #Spring14 photo She was certainly looking her best when playing with this laid back group photo during the pro-am.

Downtown Melbourne! #WomensAusOpen photo is how Paz Echeverria spent down time and look what she found for Tiffany Joh LOL photo

Oh my look what Danielle Kang found ... #cookiedoughoreo photo ... I think I'm in love too.

Golf Digest analyzes Lexi Thompson's swing in the last issue photo, photo, photo and photo.

Marie Hjorth is looking great, she's going with the all black and pink outfit from dailysportssweden today!! Just love their comfort of… photo

First tournament of the year in Australia for Jane Park with her favorite caddy Dan the man. #Ping #PlayYourBest #BirdyAndGrace photo.

Ilhee Lee's Driver video , her swing video, video. When she wasn't showcasing her swing we could find her picking grapefruit, and lemon in Jiyai's backyard. She's a PRO… video


Top post from today, February 8th...

Lexi Thompson is packing for Australia but I don't think her four-legged friend wants her to leave. On her way to Australia first stop LA. My hands r getting a little roughed up, but it's well worth it!:) #leavetomorrow #3tournaments photo.

2 rounds of E. Not what I was looking, but I got the weekend to keep at it! This is the beauty of… photo Just a lovely day in Melbourne! ☀ 🍳 pic.twitter.com/k4BEGkHxO8

A fun photo shoot with Paula Creamer.

Tiffany Joh has a little fun with her friends. Can you find Joh?

Karin Sjodin isn't getting much sleep now that the Olympics have started. Granada is Proud!! #letsgoparaguay! @julia_marino RT @ParaguayTVHD: La delegación Paraguaya!! #SochixPyTV photo

Paz Echeverria is Australia bound!!! #ISPSHandaAustralian Open here we go!! @LPGA @Echeverria1M @VialCote photo

Such a pretty day #bearsclub #sunsetgolf photo Michelle Wie enjoys her day.

Lexi Thompson Welcomes to the @cobragolf Team @SharkGregNorman! Happy to have a legend like him back with Cobra :) #SharkIsBack photo

I'm gonna miss this face @TimJVickers !!!!! Australia here I come!✈️✈️✈️ pic.twitter.com/w8UlIZhGHN


Top post week of February 3rd...

Everyone loves a good Girl Scout Cookie, especially Mina Harigae. So Yeon Ryu is getting in some practice time at beautiful Trump National in LA. Do you think Lizette Salas is a fan of purple?

You can always look to Lexi for great workout tips or maybe this one and when she's not working out you can find her a a Panthers game. Julieta Granada is getting a quick healthy bit for lunch after a morning workout.

Jane Park's club flexiblity is amazing - take a look now Photo 1 and Photo 2 - and it's not a training club, this is the actual 3W.

You can always find Natalie Gulbis lending a hand with the Boys and Girls club in Vegas. She'll be heading for Southern Nevada for another Boys and Girls Club Outing.

Stacy Lewis had a fun day in Phoenix for the LPGA Founders Cup media day, which was finished by a glass breaking shot.

Anna Nordqvist would be lost without World Market. I'd say Tiffany Joh is pretty comfortable with who she is - Yup! Next you might see her in this...photo

Congrats to Irene and Alex - Taylore Karle liked the marvelous jewelry! Michelle Wie and friends might be a little crazy at times but she's glad they are friends

While Victoria Elizabeth is out teeing it up with Volvik #no1coloredball, Danielle Kang is creating an Instagram for the cutest pug ever seen so be sure to follow @boodakang on Instagram!

Top post February 1st...

Irene Cho can't complain today as the weather is perfect for her wedding day. The best man and maid of honor are ready for the celebration. The sun was setting as Amanda Blumenherst was on their way to Irene Cho's wedding.

So Yeon Ryu is already missing her sister as she heads back to school.

First a successful dinner now Brittany Lincicome gets cooking for a delicious breakfast - yum they look great. Michelle Wie is getting in her antioxidants in today. Alison Walshe is sharing a little dessert. I don't know about you but all this great food is making me hungry.

Ryann O'Toole's new bag - it's a winner.

Brooke Pancake wants a set of the hats the Kathleen Ekey and her caddie will be rocking this year on the LPGA Tour.

Not only can Lizette Salas play golf but she can ballroom dance too! Check out her USC Ballroom dancing instructor in this famous flick Dirty Dancing.

Those remember a fallen friend, Danielle Downey: Brittany Lincicome - She will be with me forever. RIP Danielle With @Meredith_Duncan @GleasonJenny photo. Meaghan Francella - It was nice to catch up with some buds tonight and share duece stories. Some great memories @dawniedshock @BJMgolf, Libby and Katie #RIPDD. Mo Martin - Thank you from all of us for your love and light, Deuce! I bet you're already making people laugh in heaven...#DD #lpga #dearlymissed. Meredith Duncan - I'm pretty sure my bud deuce would be proud of the way I harassed the refs tonight. Cindy LaCrosse - Great article by @GolfweekNichols about Danielle Downey. She will be missed by everyone who got to meet her. http://bit.ly/1beZV23.

Laura Diaz - Danielle Downey was a great person and this world was a better place with her in it. May God bless her and welcome her into his home. Christina Kim - So saddened to hear about the passing of Danielle Downey. Life cut far too short. Deuces, Deuce. Brooke Pancake - It's never easy losing someone..Praying for Downey's family & friends @AUWomensGolf @lpga #missedbymany. Felicity Johnson - “@Golfer6869: This is the most amazing smile that we will all miss everyday. photo” great pic. Gone too soon.

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