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According to the LPGA Teaching Division Register (1950-90) the LPGA Teaching Committee, which was comprised of Tour members, was created in 1959 and led by a Teaching Committee chairperson. In 1976, the Teaching Committee was reorganized to what is now the LPGA Teaching & Club Professional (T&CP) Division, directed by an Executive Committee consisting of five section presidents, a national president and a designated person(s) from the Commissioner's office.

(Right to Left)
Deb Vangellow and Dana Rader

LPGA T&CP Division Founding Members
Betty Hicks
Barbara Rotvig
Marilynn Smith
Shirley Spork

Past LPGA Teaching Committee Chairpersons
Mary Dagraedt (1973 - 1975)
Jane Read (1971 - 1972)
Penny Zavichas (1970- 1971)
Jane Read (1968 - 1970)
Shirley Spork (1960-1968)
Betty Hicks (1958-1960)

Past National Presidents of the LPGA T&CP Division
Deb Vangellow (2016-Present)
Dana Rader (2010-2015)
Patti Benson (2002-2009)
Nora McGuire (2000-2001)
Kay McMahon (1998-99)
DeDe Owens, Ed.D. (1994-97)
Kerry Graham (1988-93)
Nell Frewin (1986-87)
Annette Thompson (1981-85)
Scherry Allison (1976-80)

LPGA T&CP Division Honorary Members
Patty Berg
Jane Blalock
Cindy Davis
Helen Dettweiler
Alice Dye
Sandra Haynie
Betty Hicks
Opal Hill
Nancy Lopez
Carol Mann
Paula Marafino
Pia Nilsson
Barrie Oringer
Renee Powell
Marilynn Smith
Shirley Spork
Louise Suggs
Kathy Whitworth
Amy Alcott
Sandra Palmer
Dottie Pepper
Judy Rankin
Annika Sorenstam

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