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LPGA Teaching HER

The purpose of the LPGA’s Teaching HER online course is to help educate golf professionals on how to comfortably and successfully teach the game of golf to women. We recognize that women are not "one size fits all," which is why we will follow the overall student-centered LPGA Integrated Performance System to guide you through an individual lesson to a relatively new female golfer.  
Through this course, you will learn key points about how to communicate, set goals, assess, and diagnose and present swing mechanics with specific regards to your female students.

Introduction to Teaching Her Video

Teaching Her Introduction Video

Course Overview

This course is divided into four one-hour modules covering the following areas:

Module 1 – Communication and Goal Setting
Module 2 – Assessment/Diagnosis
Module 3 – Swing Components
Module 4 – Summary and Follow-up


Lead Instructor/Author Karen Palacios-Jansen


LPGA Teaching Professional, Karen Palacios-Jansen, 2008 LPGA National Teacher of the Year, has been voted one of America's "Top 50 Best Women Teachers" by Golf Digest Magazine since 1998. Jansen is the owner of golf events company, Swing Blade Enterprises, in Mooresville, North Carolina. She served as managing editor for Golf Fitness Magazine.

Jansen is a Nike Golf and CHEK Institute Golf Fitness and Performance Specialist as well as an AFAA certified personal trainer. She developed a golf-specific fitness system called Cardiogolf, available on DVD. Jansen is also a member of The Nike Golf Advisory Staff, for which she participates in Nike product development and promotions.

A former David Leadbetter trained instructor and Jim McLean Golf School master instructor, Jansen has been teaching golf for 19 years and appears frequently as a guest instructor on The Golf Channel. In 2010, she was chosen as one of three finalists, out of 1500 entries, for The Golf Channel Instructor Search. Her book Golf Fitness was released in July of 2011.

Frequently requested as a public speaker and lecturer at local and national golf shows and conferences, Jansen has helped thousands of golfers improve their golf games. Jansen is married to Olympic Gold Medalist, Dan Jansen.

“I am honored and have enjoyed being a part of the LPGA's 'Teaching HER' project. Doing research for this project has made me realize the need to approach men and women differently, especially when introducing them to the game of golf. As golf professionals, we are always looking for new methods, techniques and drills to help our students improve their golf games, but by simply being aware of how women may communicate, interpret and digest information differently could help us adapt our current ways of teaching to be more effective and better communicators.”

-- Karen Palacios-Jansen


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“With the LPGA’s long history of supporting women in sports, it is no surprise that they are leading the industry by revolutionizing the training process,” said Chris Shenk, SVP of Solutions Sales, Pearson North America. “Pearson is proud to partner with the LPGA to take their superior content and deliver it online in a 21st century format.”

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