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Application Requirements

  1. Check your eligibility under the ELIGIBILITY tab above.
  2. Have proof of passing the Playing Ability Test (PAT)
  3. Get two (2) letters of recommendation from a member of the LPGA, PGA or other accredited golf organization
  4. Get proof of a high school diploma or its equivalent, at minimum (copy or photo of your transcripts or diploma)
  5. Provide Verification of Employment Click here to download the form>>
    NOTE: To receive the discounted Applicant price for the Level I Teacher Education Program without completing all Application requirements you must be eligible for membership and pay the $450 application fee.
Frequently Asked Questions>>

Required Steps to Complete the Application

  1. Create a user account on the LPGA T&CP Member Portal. An email will be sent to you with your password and link to open the Application. Follow the instructions in the email to complete all required fields on the application. 
  2. If you cannot finish the application, you can SAVE the online application at any time.  All fields and supporting attachments must be completed before you may click SUBMIT.
  3. If there is a requirement you are unable to complete, but would like to start the education requirements and receive the education materials (digital format only), contact gwen.checho@lpga.com requesting to be assigned the application fee of $450.
  4. Your application will remain pending until all application requirements are met. You will not be eligible for membership until the application is complete.

Application Review/Approval

When you have completed all requirements on the Application and pressed the submit button, you will be notified by email of application approval within 2 weeks. The application fee and PAT Equivalency Fee (if applicable) will be assigned to your account and Approval email will provide instructions on how to pay the fee(s).  Within 2 weeks of payment, you will be emailed access to the Level I education Materials.
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