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Level III

After successful completion of the Level II requirements, Apprentice members graduate to Class B membership and have a maximum of two (2) full calendar years to attend the TEP Level III class, submit Teacher observations, and complete the Level III webinar. Within one (1) year of attending the TEP Level III class, a Class B member must take the online Level III written exam and submit their teaching handbook. The Teaching Handbook may be started and turned in at any time during the Level III certification process.

Level III Manual Member Cost Non-Member/Applicants Cost

Read the Level III Manual (provided as a digital copy only) and understand the requirements and deadlines to complete Level III.

Full details for each requirement are on the registration pages.

$0 $0
Practical Teaching Evaluation (PTE) Webinar    

Webinar reviews the 12 components of an LPGA Lesson and Practical Teaching Evaluation Scoring. A link to the video will automatically be sent after payment


$50 $75
Teacher Observations    

Forms are emailed after registration.


$0 $0
Teacher Education Program (TEP) Level III    

Attend the class and take the Practical Teaching Evaluation on the final day.

A four (4) day program covering:

  • The LPGA Integrated Performance System
  • The Business of Golf
  • PTE Prep-course
  • Practical Teaching Evaluations (PTE)


$1395 $1595
Level III Written Exam    

Online after attending Level III Class. Seventy (70) Questions: Multiple choice and True/False online


$100 $150
Teaching Handbook    

The Teaching Handbook is a self-study requirement and is an exercise in the application of all topics discussed throughout the Teacher Education Program. The guidelines for this project are in Section 16 of the LPGA Level III Manual.

Members may start and submit this at any time during their Level III certification.

NOTE: After attending the TEP Level III class, Class B members have a maximum of one (1) full calendar year to take the Written Exam and submit the Teacher Handbook.

$0 $0


$1545 $1820
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