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UL International Crown
Chicago, IL
Jul 21-24
  • July 21 Golf Channel (ET) 12:00 - 4:00 p.m.
  • July 22 Golf Channel (ET) 12:00 - 4:00 p.m.
  • July 23 Golf Channel (ET) 3:00 - 7:00 p.m.
  • July 24 Golf Channel (ET) 2:00 - 6:00 p.m.
  • July 24 NBC (ET) 12:00 - 2:00 p.m.

Team Selection

The field of eight countries was determined by the combined Rolex World Ranking of the top four players from each country as of the Rolex World Rankings published on April 4th, 2016. Countries must have a minimum of four ranked players to be eligible. Note that this date will determine the eight countries that qualify for the event. It does not guarantee a spot on the team for the four players whose rankings were used to calculate the country rank.

Player Selection

The final field of 32 players was determined via the Rolex World Rankings on June 13, 2016. At this point, the top-4 ranked players from each pre-qualified country will qualify for their respective country’s team. Note that if a player ranked in the top-4 of a pre-qualified country chooses not to compete or is unable to compete, the spot will be filled by the next highest ranked available from the Rolex World Ranking for that country.


The competition will take place over four days. It will feature three days of four-ball competition and one day of singles matches on Sunday. Five of the eight countries will advance to the Sunday singles matches based on the outcome of the four-ball matches contested Thursday through Saturday.


Points will be awarded per match based on the following – two for a win, one for a tie and zero for a loss. All points from the four-ball matches will carry over to Sunday and the total cumulative points for the four days of competition will be used to determine the overall champion.


The eight countries will be seeded #1 through #8 and they will be divided into two brackets based on the cumulative team score of the four players’ Rolex World Rankings.

Sei Young Kim Lexi Thompson
In Gee Chun Stacy Lewis
Amy Yang Gerina Piller
So Yeon Ryu Cristie Kerr
Minjee Lee Haru Nomura
Su Oh Mika Miyazato
Karrie Webb Ayaka Watanabe
Rebecca Artis Ai Suzuki
Teresa Lu Ariya Jutanugarn
Candie Kung Pornanong Phatlum
Yani Tseng Moriya Jutanugarn
Ssu-Chia Cheng Porani Chutichai
Shanshan Feng Charley Hull
Xi Yu Lin Holly Clyburn
Jing Yan Melissa Reid
Simin Feng Jodi Ewart Shaddoff


Each country will play two four-ball matches against each of the other three countries in their bracket.

#1 Republic of Korea vs. #8 China #2 United States vs. #7 England
#4 Australia vs. #5 Chinese Taipei #3 Japan vs. #6 Thailand
#1 Republic of Korea vs. #5 Chinese Taipei #2 United States vs. #6 Thailand
#4 Australia vs. #8 China #3 Japan vs. #7 England
#1 Republic of Korea vs. #4 Australia #2 United States vs. #3 Japan
#5 Chinese Taipei vs. #8 China #6 Thailand vs. #7 England

At the conclusion of the three days of four-ball competition, the two teams with the most points from each pool and one wild-card team will advance to Sunday Singles. In the event of a tie between teams tied for first or tied for second in each pool, a pre-determined formula will be used to break all ties.


Countries in third place or tied for third place from each pool will compete in a sudden-death, wild-card playoff. Teams will determine two players to represent their country in the playoff prior to teeing off on the extra holes at the conclusion of the Saturday’s four-ball matches.


After the wild-card playoff, countries will be re-seeded #1 through 5 based on total points earned in the four-ball matches. In the event of a tie during the re-seed, a pre-determined formula will be used to break all ties. Each country will play one singles match against every other country. Pairings will be determined by a semi-blind draw.

Match 1: Seed #4 vs. Seed #5 Match 6: Seed #2 vs. Seed #4
Match 2: Seed #3 vs. Seed #5 Match 7: Seed #1 vs. Seed #4
Match 3: Seed #3 vs. Seed #4 Match 8: Seed #2 vs. Seed #3
Match 4: Seed #2 vs. Seed #5 Match 9: Seed #1 vs. Seed #3
Match 5: Seed #1 vs. Seed #5 Match 10: Seed #1 vs. Seed #2

At the conclusion of the 10 Sunday singles matches, the country with the highest point total from the four days of competition will be “Crowned” the best golf nation in the world.


In the event of a tie after Sunday singles, each team will determine one player to represent the team in a sudden death playoff.


Total - $1.6 million

1st Place Team: $100,000 per player 5th Place Team: $42,500 per player
2nd Place Team: $60,000 per player 6th Place Team: $35,000 per player
3rd Place Team: $52,500 per player 7th Place Team: $32,500 per player
4th Place Team: $47,500 per player 8th Place Team: $30,000 per player

The inaugural UL International Crown was held at Caves Valley Golf Club in Baltimore, MD in July of 2014. Team Spain was “Crowned” Champion after spirited play all week from Azahara Munoz, Beatriz Recari, Carlota Ciganda, and Belen Mozo.

2014 Results

Rank Total Points Thur. Four-Ball Fri. Four-Ball Sat. Four-Ball Sun. Singles
1 Spain 15 3 (1-0-1) 0 (0-2-0) 4 (2-0-0) 8 (4-0-0)
2 Sweden 11 1 (0-1-1) 2 (1-1-0) 4 (2-0-0) 4 (2-2-0)
3T Republic of Korea 10 2 (1-1-0) 2 (1-1-0) 2 (1-1-0)* 4 (2-2-0)
3T Japan 10 3 (1-0-1) 3 (1-0-1) 2 (1-1-0) 2 (1-3-0)
5 Thailand 9 1 (1-0-1) 4 (2-0-0) 2 (1-1-0) 2 (1-3-0)
6 United States 6 0 (0-2-0) 4 (2-0-0) 2 (1-1-0) N/A
7 Chinese Taipei 4 4 (2-0-0) 0 (0-2-0) 0 (0-2-0) N/A
8 Australia 3 2 (1-1-0) 1 (0-1-1) 0 (0-2-0) N/A
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