Amy Bockerstette

LPGA*USGA Girls Golf

  • Role at LPGA

    LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Member (Alumnus)

  • Year Joined Girls Golf 2016
  • Who introduced you to golf and when did you start playing?

    My dad took me to a few charity scrambles when I was in elementary school and I loved it when he let me hit the ball sometimes.  In 2013, when I was in eighth grade, I started taking lessons.

  • Why do you love to play golf?

    My favorite thing about golf is the people I get to meet. I love playing with other girls, meeting new friends and playing with my friends in Special Olympics. In Phoenix, we can play golf all year round, which is very cool. Tournaments are awesome, too, because I love hanging out with my teammates and meeting even more people. I really like to travel and play at different courses.  Mountain courses are my favorite but I really like beach courses too, like Pebble Beach and Torrey Pines.

  • What do you like most about Girls Golf?

    I’ve met so many friends through Girls Golf.  I like that we played golf and did other fun activities together, too. I learned a lot about golf, leadership, confidence and life through Girls Golf.

  • Why do you recommend golf to more women and girls?

    Golf is a fun game to play, good exercise, and a great way to hang out with friends and meet new people. As you play more and get better, you build your confidence.

  • How can golf be more welcoming to women and girls like you?

    Continue growing Girls Golf where learning to play is fun. Golf can be such an inclusive sport.  If you can hit the ball and keep pace, you can play with anyone. You can then be included in golf events with friends, family and co-workers.  Playing golf opens up a world of very exciting opportunities, like traveling to the coolest places on earth and meeting the most interesting people along the way.

  • What is your #LittleGirlBIGDream?

    I am living my #LittleGirlBIGDream, which is going to college. It was always my dream, but my parents weren’t sure it was possible since I have Down syndrome.  Playing golf made it possible for me when I was offered a golf scholarship. My next BIG Dream is to play golf with Niall Horan.

  • Who would be in your dream foursome?

    My dream foursome would be Niall Horan, Nick Jonas, and Zac Efron.