Cheyenne Woods

LPGA / Epson Tours

  • Year Joined the LPGA

    2015 (LPGA Tour), 2014 (Epson Tour)

  • College:

    Wake Forest University

  • Who introduced you to golf and when did you start playing?

    My grandpa got me started playing golf when I was 5 years old.

  • Why did you decide to make golf your career?

    Growing up, I always knew I wanted to play professionally.  I didn’t know how far it would take me but I wanted to play at the highest level possible.  I have always been competitive, and I love that I can compete for a living.

  • Why do you recommend golf to more women and girls?

    I always recommend golf to women and girls.  For me, it has opened so many doors and opportunities on and off the course.  Even if women do not want to play professionally or competitively, it helps create strong relationships and networks.

  • How can golf be more welcoming to black women and girls?

    I believe golf can be more welcoming by increasing representation.  To have diversity and representation at multiple levels of the game helps women connect and be comfortable in the golf environment.  Having diversity at different levels of the game also helps curate different ideas and perspectives for truly growing the game of golf.

  • Advice to your younger self?

    Believe and commit to your dream.  Surround yourself with those that will help you achieve those dreams and support you along the way.

  • Who would be in your dream foursome?

    Tiger Woods, Charlie Woods, and Earl Woods.

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