Haley Moore

LPGA Tour Player

  • Role at LPGA

    LPGA Tour Player

  • Year Joined the LPGA 2020
  • College:

    University of Arizona

  • A Family of Competitors

    My brother and I were always athletes, playing soccer and baseball, and ultimately golf, a game we picked up from a relative during a family reunion in Ohio. My father was a football lineman, a long snapper for Ohio State. Mom played tennis in college, so sports were part of our family. And I competed with my brother in everything. Our parents had to remind us that dinner was not a race.

  • Family and Golf

    I had a core group of friends and a loving family. They became my “pack”. They kept telling me, “Don’t let others define you. Don’t believe what others say about you. Be the person you are. Do your own thing.”


    I also had golf. From the time I took up the game, I was pretty good. I beat most of the kids in my age group and hit the ball farther than many of the boys. Early success made me like the game. But the quiet and control is what made me fall in love with the game. No matter what kind of day I had, I knew I could come home and say, “Hey, mom, can you take me to the golf course to practice?” There I could excel. At the range, people would look at me and say things like “Wow, great swing.”


    The success I have had in golf offers a platform for me to help other girls and boys struggling today with what I went through at their age.

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