Lydia Ko

LPGA Tour Player

  • Role at LPGA

    LPGA Tour Player

  • Year Joined the LPGA 2014
  • Tour Wins

    15 wins including two major championship.

  • Advice to your younger self?

    The most important piece of advice I could give you is to never take a single day, a single moment for granted. Soak up every experience and embrace every feeling, good and bad, that comes your way. The game you love is a vehicle that allows you to go places, meet people and learn things that others might never know or understand. But you have to slow down and take your eyes off the road every so often or you will miss the scenery.


    A few more things you should know: Your golf swing may come and go, but your family and friends, the people who care about you, will love you no matter what you shoot. Trophies are symbols of what you’ve accomplished in the past. Your family and friends represent who and what you can be in the future. Their hugs, their presence, their laughter is life’s greatest victory.


    Be yourself, first and always. If you do that, words like “brand” and “image;” “platform” and “presence,” will take care of themselves.


    Be you. And be happy. Do that, and everything else is going to be fine.

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