11-year-old Allyson Bell Is Changing The Face Of Golf

Allyson Bell began playing golf when she was six years old. Within a couple of years after picking up a golf club for the first time she became a member of LPGA*USGA Girls Golf – Mobile, AL. Bell fell in love with the game quickly, enjoying the chance to meet new girls that love golf as much as she does.


Bell’s love goes beyond the course. She says golf has taught her discipline, dedication, and how to remain calm and focused, tools she can use in all areas of her life. Bell has a goal to encourage every girl she meets to try golf. To her, the most important part of golf is to have fun. She would like to play golf in college, professionally and later teach others how to play golf while sharing her passion.

At the 2020 Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions presented by Insurance Office of America, Bell took part in LPGA*USGA Girls Golf’s national essay contest presented by Caribbean Sol. Open to Girls Golf members across the nation, applicants were asked to answer the question: What Drives You? which tied in with the LPGA’s Drive On campaign, and gave girls an opportunity to reflect on their personal experiences, triumphs and tribulations for a chance to experience the LPGA Tour’s season-opening event.

In March of 2019, the LPGA launched its new positioning and tag line, Drive On. For nearly 70 years, the LPGA has been a leader in providing opportunities for girls and women to achieve their dreams – on and off the golf course. Drive On is rooted in golf but extends beyond the sport. It applies to all genders and generations and takes on different meaning for each individual or group.

Bell was one of 18 winners of the “Diamond Resorts Drives On for the Future presented by Caribbean Sol” essay contest. Here is her essay:

Dear LPGA, 

I am Allyson Bell an 11-year-old from Eight Mile, Alabama. I became interested in golf at 5 years old. Golf has taught me many lessons on and off the course. Golf has taught me to be a leader, work hard and honesty. "What Drives Me" is the determination to become not only a better golfer but a better person. One of my goals is to encourage and inspire others to play golf. There are lots of women in the LPGA that have inspired me. To see LPGA players that look like me like Ms. Mariah Stackhouse and Ms. Cheyenne Woods is very encouraging. Even when there are players around me that do not look like me when I compete, I will not let that stop me. I will not give up because I know I can accomplish all of my goals with hard work. It is encouraging for me to see Ms. Mariah play because I know even more that I can play golf at Stanford and play in the LPGA. This is what drives me. My parents have always encouraged me to be the best that I can be. Every day I try to be better than I was the day before. I am committed to being an example for my classmates, friends, community and other golfers. I had a chance to speak with Mrs. Nancy Lopez at the Augusta National Women's Amateur Championship on the practice putting green and the words of encouragement she gave me still sticks with me today. She encouraged me to work hard, have fun, and to never give up. I am dedicated to working hard, encouraging others, dreaming big, and believing in myself. This is what drives me! Thank you.

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