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Who is Eligible
The Candidate must be a Class A, LPGA A-2, PGA A-2, Senior, Master Professional, or Life member in good standing who has demonstrated outstanding accomplishments related to the business of golf during the year.

The member must have made significant contributions within the following areas:

  • Overall performance in the business of golf, which may include management, budgeting, tournament, merchandising, equipment sales, marketing, fundraising, etc.
  • Service to and participation within her Section and the LPGA.
  • Leadership and the ability to inspire and mentor fellow professionals.
  • Contributions to community and golf industry.



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2022 Marissa Kulig Crow Story>>
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2019  Carole Clark  Story>>
2018 Kelley Brooke
2017 Kristie Fowler
2016 Mary-Lee Cobick
2015 Debby King
2014 Malia Folquet
Kammy Maxfeldt
2012 Jane Broderick Story>>
2011 Angela Aulenti  
2010 Patti Butcher  
2009 Linda Nevatt  
2008 Donna White  
2007 J. Kristy Vik  
2006 Janet Phillips  
2005 Susan Roll  
2004 Holly Juergens  
2003 Dawne Kortgaard
Lisa Masters
2002 Debbie O'Connell  
2001 Nancy Henderson  
2000 Cathy Jo Johnson  
1999 Sandra Eriksson  
1998 Jane Broderick  
1997 Kathy Wake  
1996 Marion Walker  
1995 Pam Phipps  
1994 Nancy Bunton  
1993 Sue Fiscoe  
1992 Lorraine Klippel  
1991 Paula Wagasky  
1990 Chris Burkhart  
1989 Pat Lange  
1988 Kathy Murphy  
1987 Becky Sauers  
1986 Margo Walden  
1985 Bobbie Stewart  
1984 Mary Dagraedt  
1983 Lorraine Klippel  
1982 Nell Frewin  
1981 Peggy Kirk Bell  
1980 Nancy Gammon