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•  The LPGA Foundation is established to support junior golf programs, youth scholarships and financial assistance for members of the golf industry, under the stewardship of Charles S. Mechem, Jr., LPGA Commissioner and first President of The LPGA Foundation.

•  The first Urban Youth Golf Program, initially established in 1989 by the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional (T&CP) Division in Los Angeles, becomes an initiative of The LPGA Foundation.


•  The Junior Girls Golf Club, established in 1989 by LPGA T&CP member Sandy LaBauve, becomes an initiative of The LPGA Foundation and is renamed: LPGA Girls Golf Club


•  Dinah Shore Scholarship Fund established and first two recipients selected, one for the Dinah Shore Scholarship and one for the Dinah Shore Trophy


•  LPGA Tour Captains program is launched, connecting a Tour player to an LPGA Girls Golf Club site.


•  LPGA Girls Golf Club enters into a partnership with the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the Girl Scouts of the USA.


•  Fifth and final Urban Youth Golf Program established in Atlantic City, NJ.


•  The Marilynn Smith Scholarship fund is established, created by LPGA Founder, Marilynn Smith, with support and administrative oversight from The LPGA Foundation.


•  Marilynn Smith Scholarship names first two recipients; one receiving $2,500 and one receiving $3,000.


•  Dinah Shore Trophy increases award to $7,000


•  LPGA Girls Golf Club and the USGA enter into an expanded association to further promote and grow girls’ golf, and the future of girls’ golf, in the United States. The name is changed to LPGA-USGA Girls Golf to reflect this enhanced partnership.


•  The Executive Women’s Golf Association names LPGA-USGA Girls Golf as one of its charities.


•  Dinah Shore Scholarship is increased to $5,000; Dinah Shore Trophy increased to $8,000; Marilynn Smith Scholarship increased to $4,000


•  Marilynn Smith Scholarship is increased to $5,000

•  Dinah Shore Trophy is increased to $10,000


•  The Phyllis G. Meekins Scholarship is established.


•  The Dolores Hope LPGA Financial Assistance Initiative is established to help LPGA members who are destitute or have suffered a sudden or severe financial hardship


•  LPGA-USGA Girls Golf celebrates its 20th Anniversary as the premier golf program for girls in the United States.


•  The Marge Burns Education Grant is established for LPGA Teaching and Club Professionals.


•  Founders Cup is established to recognize the past, present, and future of golf. LPGA-USGA Girls Golf is the focus of this event and players agree to give earnings from this event to this charity.


•  LPGA-USGA Girls Golf partners with Nancy Lopez to host a Girls Golf Academy at Kiawah Island Club


•  LPGA-USGA Girls Golf was rebranded and created the Five E’s to support our mission (Empower, Engage, Energize, Exercise, Enrich)

•  LPGA Tour players, Stacey Lewis, Tiffany Joh, Brittany Lincicome, Lizette Salas, and Lexi Thompson are named LPGA-USGA Girls Golf ambassadors

•  LPGA-USGA Girls Golf became partners with Girls in the Game to help grow the game


•  LPGA-USGA Girls Golf has more than 300 girls golf sites

•  LPGA Foundation partnered with AXA Financial to establish the LPGA Leadership Academy for young women, ages 14 - 18

•  LPGA-USGA Girls Golf enters into a partnership with Girls On the Run to help grow the game


•  The Marilynn Smith Scholarship distributed thirty (30) $5,000 college scholarships

•  LPGA-USGA Girls Golf established the eLeader Program

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