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Frequently Asked Questions

At what point am I considered a professional? Can I play in amateur golf events when I am a member of the LPGA Professionals?
Membership with the LPGA Professionals constitutes "forfeiture of amateur status" (USGA Rules of Golf). USGA rules do not allow an amateur golfer to hold any category of membership with an association for professional golfers. This would also include something like an apprentice or associate membership. This does not include when someone is an Applicant. Being a professional disqualifies a golfer from participating in USGA Amateur events. please contact the individual local tournaments and club association play for their rules. ** Please contact the USGA for more details of other rules that disqualify a person from having amateur status.

How much does it cost to complete all three levels?
LPGA certification fees total $4545 plus the cost of travel and annual dues. Travel is not included in registration fees.

How long does it take to complete the certification?
From application to completion of the class A certification it takes 2-5 years with a maximum allowable time of seven (7) years. Time to complete the certification depends on your availability to attend the in-class education programs and financial commitment. 

Are classes available online?
Yes! LPGA courses are online with the Level III testing in person at various locations. 

Is there Financial Aid available for the LPGA certification? 
Yes! Financial Aid is available for those who have applied for membership. See Applicant Program Page for more.

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