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For over 50 years, the LPGA has developed and enhanced golf education for teachers, coaches, and leaders of the game of golf. The LPGA Teacher Education Program (TEP) has become the most comprehensive and dynamic golf education series in the industry.

The TEP utilizes research-based theory to identify the core competencies required to be an effective teacher, coach, and leader by incorporating interactive practical applications into the program content. This series is designed to help golf professionals meet the demands of today's market.

The Teaching Certification entails completion of three (3) levels of in-person and at-home self-study requirements. The Level I program provides basic knowledge in the areas of Golf Skill Learning and bio-mechanics and kinetics of the golf swing. Participants are also introduced to the psychological aspects of performance and taught the communication skills required for leadership and success within the golf industry. Students will enjoy a combination of classroom lectures and practical application on the golf range to enhance the learning process. LPGA history, policies, and standards of professionalism and personal development are presented and a tour of LPGA Headquarters and introduction to LPGA Staff is included.

Level II and III of the Teaching Certification provides a foundation in the LPGA Integrated Performance System (IPS). Professionals acquire the skills needed to create dynamic golf education programs, whether through employment in an existing golf school or pro shop or by establishing an independent business. Beginning with understanding the concepts of motor learning and golf bio-mechanics, teaching pros learn a myriad of skills to help them deliver personalized, results-oriented instruction that fits the changing needs of their students/clients. These topics include swing analysis, psychology, club fitting, fitness for golf and much more.

LPGA Education Programs are open to all LPGA Applicants, LPGA members, and non-members.
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