LPGA Social

The Social Scene With Neal Reid

As the LPGA’s final off week winds down with the Ryder Cup raging on, players have been busy and also tuned in to what is transpiring in Scotland.

Nick's Notebook

Jessica Korda has decided to change swing coaches, and the one she’s chosen won’t come as a surprise to LPGA fans or anyone familiar with the world of golf instruction.

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Eathorne enjoying role as teacher, ambassador

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Many pros struggle to find their place after their playing days are done, but when they do, it can be quite fulfilling.

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Quick Nine from the Blue Bay LPGA

A quick look at this week’s Blue Bay LPGA:

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Around the Resort

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Sandra Gal Jessica Korda Xi Yu Lin Michelle Wie

Several players took part in activities at the Westin Blue Bay Resort on Tuesday to officially kick off the inaugural event and to celebrate bringing the best female golfers in the world back to Hainan Island.

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By the Numbers Powered by Logi Analytics: Brittany Lincicome

Brittany Lincicome

Much of the beauty of the adulation of the winner’s circle comes from the narrow misses, the ones that got away. No one’s been closer recently to a trophy without getting to hoist it than Brittany Lincicome, a five-time LPGA winner.

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Featured Rules Q&A

I was playing a par three with a pond in front of the green. My tee shot hit the green past pin high and spun back into the pond. I dropped my ball on the green side of the pond taking a one-stroke penalty. After making four on the hole I was told by my playing partners that I should have taken a drop on the tee side of the pond and not where I dropped. I crossed the hazard and thought I made a proper drop. There wasn't any drop area for the hole. When we finished the round I signed my scorecard and then was told that I was DQ for signing for a wrong score because of where I dropped the ball on the par 3. What's the ruling?

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