Suzann Pettersen travels to Mozambique for Right To Play

The Suzann Pro Challenge benefited Right To Play and Suzann is in Mozambique to experience first hand how the money is being used.

Suzann Pettersen traveled to Mozambique to see firsthand the effect the money raised from her charity event, Suzann Pro Challenge, was used by Right To Play. Read Suzann's blog and take a look through pictures.

I’ve had some amazing days here in Mozambique with Right to Play so far. A unique experience getting to see the programs and projects here working really well and how much the kids enjoy the different activities!

Great to see the coaches interact and play with the kids. Words can’t really describe the feeling I have being here experiencing this hands on!

To be around the kids, take part in their games and just observe! Fantastic! They are so spontaneous and real! They dance like crazy, sing and look after one another!

Since 2009, Suzann Pettersen has been a proud and important Ambassadors for Right To Play (RTP) ( During the week of October 2-8, Pettersen traveled to the capital of Mozambique, Maputo, to visit schools and children who are positively affected by the great work provided by RTP.

RTP has assisted more than 45,000 children in Mozambique during the 2012 calendar year. During her time in Mozambique, Pettersen visited six schools -- four in the region around Maputo and 2 in Xai-Xai, which is located approximately 220 km north of Maputo.

Pettersen took time off from practice and competitions that week and absolutely loved spending time with the children. She danced, sang and participated in all the games with the children she met. Pettersen has taken great pride in being an Ambassador and has raised more than $90,000 for RTP’s work in Mozambique through her own fundraiser related to her golf tournament in Oslo.

“This is one of the most eye-opening and emotional experiences I have ever taken part of,” Pettersen said. “Some of the kids here live in very tough and challenging conditions, but still smile and are happy every day. They take care of one another, and it is a fantastic feeling being around them. It has been great to see all the fantastic work that RTP does here in Mozambique, and I am very happy I was able to contribute though Suzann Pro Challenge. “

About Mozambique:

Mozambique is one of the world's poorest countries, but the country has over the past 10-15 years has been a very positive development in the economy. Approximately 22 million people live in Mozambique with about 1.3 million in the capital Maputo. 

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