Check-in with Rookie Sydnee Michaels

Sydnee Michaels
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Sydnee Michaels of the USA tees off during the second round of the Mizuno Classic at Kintetsu Kashikojima Country Club in Shima, Japan.

Now that their rookie season is under their belts and they have had a chance to reflect on the year, caught up with several rookies for a quick Q&A. This week we catch up with Sydnee Michaels to see what she thought about her rookie year.

Use one word to describe your rookie year.

What did you learn about yourself and your game this year?
I learned that I have what it takes to complete out here. I just need to keep working hard and learn from my mistakes.

Did you set goals and if so did you accomplish them?
I did set goals and they changed as the year went on, so I met some of them and others I didn't meet.

What was your favorite part about this year as a rookie?
My favorite part was just getting to know and understand the life of being an LPGA professional and relishing in the satisfaction that my dream had come true. The hospitality we receive wherever we went and the places we traveled to are pretty incredible as well! I also enjoyed being able to play in front of thousands of LPGA fans.

What did you learn about the LPGA that you didn't know prior?
I learned that it is kind of like a big family and everyone is so nice. I went into my rookie year unsure of how I would be treated and unsure of how friendly everyone would be.

Do you have any funny rookie mistakes you want to share?
Yes, several ha ha! I booked so many hotels that were 30-45 minutes away from the course because I didn't know exactly where we were going to be. I also didn't figure out until the middle of the season that we had a code for National Rental Car so that I didn't have to pay an underage fees for renting cars, so my bills were always two to three times what they should have been! I'm still trying to figure everything out!

What piece of advice would you give to next year's rookie class?
Don't compare yourself to anyone, everyone is different and everyone's timing is different.

What are some travel tips now that you are a seasoned traveler?
Learn how to travel light. Sign up for a frequent flyer program and stick with that airline so you have the potential to be upgraded to first class which means you can check heavy bags for free! I always travel with a little bag that has all my little necessities like a toothbrush, eye mask and moisturizer (lifesaver for long flights and layovers). Also, always travel with a little bit of cash for emergencies, especially traveling to a foreign country (I was almost stranded in the Philippines because I didn't have any cash for a shuttle to the next terminal). Pack healthy snacks to avoid airport fast food (although a lot of the airports now have healthy snacks available) and make sure to hydrate!

How will you spend your off-season?
I'm going to take some time to enjoy my friends and family during the holidays and enjoy being on somewhat of a "normal" schedule. Then it is back to work!

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