Kerr partnered with local chef for a wine tasting

On Monday night at the ISPS Handa Women’s Australian Open, Cristie Kerr partnered with local chef Ian Curley for a tasting of her wine label, Curvature. The event was held in downtown Melbourne at the restaurant The European, where Curley is an executive chef. Fellow LPGA player Lindsey Wright helped to arrange the meeting between Kerr and Curley, who are both very passionate about raising money for cancer research.

All of the proceeds from Kerr’s wine label, Curvature, go toward funding the fight against breast cancer.

“Chef Ian was very interested to hear from one of his friends and one of my mates, Lindsey Wright, about the wine,” Kerr said. “He said let’s get it over here and have a tasting and possibly carry it. We had a nice dinner there Monay. The food was fantastic. I am a New Yorker and I told him this was fantastic food. It was a fun time.”

The wine label is a part of a unique collaboration between Kerr and Suzanne Pride Bryan, co-owner of the Pride Mountain Vineyards. Kerr has committed her career to the cause of developing a cure for breast cancer. Having witnessed her mother, aunt and godmother battle the disease, Cristie founded Birdies for Breast Cancer, a charity that has raised several million dollars for breast cancer research and treatment. In 2010 she opened the Cristie Kerr Women's Health Center at the Jersey City Medical Center.

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