Shin had a short off-season and looking forward to Australia caught up with Jiyai Shin for a quick Q&A. Shin talks about her off-season and what she's looking forward to in Australia.

LPGA: How much time did you take off from golf and what did you do?
Shin: My last tournament finished on the 16th December and I started training for this season on the 28th of December. In between I had media and sponsors commitments, but I did have three days with my family to celebrate Christmas.
LPGA: Describe the best and worst of 2011?
Shin: Best: Playing in front of my home crowd in Korea at the LPGA Hana Bank Championship. Worst: Missing my flight to the Evian Masters! I had to buy another ticket and wait for the next flight. Still, in the grand scheme of things, I know others have it worse and I pray for them.
LPGA: What part of your game did you work the most on during the off-season?
Shin: My iron shots. Previously, I have been pretty accurate with these clubs, but last year, not so much. I want to make sure I am better than last year.
LPGA: Did you set some goals for 2012?
Shin: Well, I didn’t have a win last year. So, my main goal is to get a win this season. Not just for me, but for my fans, sponsors, support staff and in particular for my family who are always there for me.
LPGA: How did you keep in shape during the off-season?
Shin: My trainer and I have been together, for this, our third season now. He is a three time Olympian and knows what it takes for an athlete to succeed and move forward. This off-season we spent six weeks working together, mainly on my strength and power. The off-season is the time to do all the hard work, because the season is so busy, really all we can do is maintenance work.

LPGA: What is the key to playing well at Royal Melbourne?
Shin: I haven’t played this particular course before. However, the times I have played Melbourne’s sandbelt courses, it has been windy with very dry fairways, which makes it tough. The greens are pretty hard, so high shots are needed on the approach. I enjoy this course for its beauty and also its challenges. Although I am not keen on the Magpies!
LPGA: How does it match with your game?
Shin: I don’t hit the ball as far as others on the drive, but I usually keep it on the fairway. So I am relying on that as a key element to playing this course.
LPGA: What are your favorite holes?
Shin: I will find out on the practice round. But any, which you get a birdie or eagle, has to be a favourite. Right?
LPGA: What are you looking forward to that week?
Shin: Visiting Australia again and particularly Melbourne as it is one of my favourite destinations. And I love a meat pie, but don’t tell my trainer! Then again, he is an Aussie so I am sure I can convince him to let me have at least one.
LPGA: What are your favorite things to do while in Australia?
Shin: Brushing up on my Aussie slang (“G’day mate, how’s it hangin?”) and enjoying the sights of Melbourne.

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