For the Love of the Fans: Players meet Karah

See why it's different out here...

The smile on Karah's face says it all...
What a great opportunity to connect with LPGA players.

Karah: "Nice round Paula."
Paula: "Thanks Karah good to see you!"
 Karah got to hit balls right next to Morgan Pressel. Morgan almost lost her caddie to Karah. ;-)
 Karah with Lorie Kane Brittany Lincicome - Karah Sanford - Stacy Lewis
Karah got to walk and talk with Paula's mom for about 14 holes. We found out that Karen (Paula's mom) pictured with Colin (Paula's caddie) actually keep tabs on Karah. They recognized Karah and asked "Aren't you Karah Sanford... Paula's twitter friend? We spent the rest of the day chatting and watching Paula play. Karah had a blast!   Karah with Natalie Gulbis
 Karah with Paula
 Karah with Lexi Thompson. Lexi also recognized Karah and follows her on twitter.

Karah also got to meet Yani Tseng, Yani's sister and her agent. Yani's manager gave Karah her phone number and email and asked Karah to contact her.

Extremely Friendly and Welcoming!!!

All in all, a great fun filled weekend!! ...and That's why it's different out here,, 

Thank you players of the L.P.G.A.

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