Lincicome confident at RR Donnelley LPGA Founders Cup caught up with Brittany Lincicome for a quick Q&A about the RR Donnelley LPGA Founders Cup.

LPGA: What is the key to playing well at Wildfire?
Lincicome: Keeping it in the fairway. It's a really great golf course. The fairways were perfect. The greens were perfect. It's a course that fits my eye. A lot of holes are right to left. I didn't always have to hit driver. You could use shorter irons. Getting it on the fairway and then on the green was the key.

LPGA: How does it match with your game?
Lincicome: I think it matches well. It's a golf course I could see myself winning on multiple years in my career. A lot of the holes fit my eye which is really nice.

LPGA: What are you looking forward to that week?
Lincicome: I'm excited to return to the Phoenix area. It's a beautiful town and I really enjoy going there and playing desert golf, especially when you see the aerial views from the blimps and see how you have green grass and then the desert. So if you miss the fairway or hit it off line you're in the desert and hitting it off a rock. Desert golf is very fun.

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