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Quick 18 with Katy Harris

1. If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you take with you?
Food, water, and my family.

2. If you could eliminate one thing from your daily schedule, what would it be and why?
Cooking. With my busy schedule, it is more of a chore than a creative endeavor.

3. Tell us something you hate doing. Why?
Grocery shopping. It always takes longer and costs more than expected.

4. If you could have an unlimited storage of one thing, what would it be?

5. If given a complete freedom to start afresh, what profession would you choose and why?
Professional golfer. Period.

6. If given a choice to skip work for a day, how would you spend the entire day?
At the spa.

7. If you were granted three wishes, what would you ask for?
Health and happiness for my kids, more time, and a personal chef.

8. Name two things you consider yourself to be really good at?
Golf and being a Mom.

9. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Mediterranean cruise.

10. What's your favorite midnight snack?

11. As a child, what did you wish to become when you grew up?
A professional golfer and a Mom.

12. If you had one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

13. If I came to your home and looked inside the refrigerator, what would I find?
Lots of milk, hummus, avocados, strawberries, soda, beer, yogurt, and salsa.

14. What movie do you watch again and again?
The Sound of Music.

15. Do you like cats or dogs?

16. If you were to name one piece of clothing that describes you, what would you say?
Pair of jeans - comfortable and goes with everything.

17. Which is the funniest prank played on you or played by you?
My Grandma Sweetie used to love April Fool's Day. When we were little, she convinced us her elderly dog had puppies.

18. What's the best piece of advice you have ever received?
When I got married, my Mom told me, "Never mow the lawn - once you do it, it becomes your job."

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