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Photo Credit: Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Katie Futcher hits her second shot on the ninth hole in the second round of the Sybase Match Play Championship at Hamilton Farm Golf Club on May 18, 2012 in Gladstone, New Jersey.

After Friday’s match at the Sybase Match Play, I decided to stick around for another day. I went out to watch my good friend Angela Stanford play in her morning match against Vicky Hurst and it was a great match, Vicky played really well. I just wanted to be out there to support Angela, so it was good that I was able to change my flight. We actually flew up there together so I wanted to stick around and wait for her. We both flew into Fort Worth and I stayed and hung out with her for the rest of the weekend before I went home to Houston.

It’s always nice to have a week off from the Tour. That’s usually my time to check the mail, pay my bills and catch up on my emails. I’m terrible at returning calls and emails so the first couple days of my off-week usually consist of getting all that taken care of. I don’t practice a whole lot during the off-week; I just try to rest, especially since there’s a major coming up. I work on a few things that I think I need to but other than that I just relax. This is also my time to hang out with my family since we live in the same town. I try to see them as much as I can. And finally, I work out almost every day.

In preparation for the next few tournaments I’ve tried working on a few things with my driver. I’m going to try a shorter driver so that I can keep it straighter. The next two weeks, especially at Wegmans, you have to drive the ball fairly accurate to be in contention. I’m always working on my putting. Up North, the greens are pretty fast, so I’m trying to find a few courses around my hometown that have fast greens. It’s hard to find grass around here that’s going to be like Wegmans because down here it’s Bermuda grass, so pretty much everything about the courses are going to be different.

But aside from golf, I plan on having a fun week. My sister and I are really close so I’m going to be spending a day or two with her and her fiancé. They just bought a house in downtown Houston so I’m going to spend some time with them. After that, my friend and I are off to Indianapolis for the Indy 500. I’ve never been to a race. Mostly because I’m not that in to race cars and stuff like that. So it’ll definitely be an experience!

But other than eating ice cream every night, there’s really nothing too exciting about my life. I’ve ALWAYS been a fan of ice cream! I know where all the ice cream shops are in every city we play in. You will never see me eating frozen yogurt or ice cream with a lot of toppings. To me, Ben & Jerry’s is terrible. There’s too much stuff in it that takes away from the actual flavor of the ice cream. My go-to flavors are always Mint Chocolate Chip and Coffee, together but not mixed together. That is my absolute weakness.

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