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Cristie Kerr poses for a portrait at Hamilton Farm Golf Club on May 18, 2011 in Gladstone, New Jersey.

On her new caddie
Cristie Kerr with new caddie for ShopRite LPGA Classic

Cristie Kerr will be with a new caddie for the second straight event at this week's ShopRite LPGA Classic after parting ways Jason Gilroyd earlier this month.

A replacement at the Sybase Match Play Championship "didn't really work out" and means the world number five will be working with yet another bagman on the Bay Course in New Jersey.

Kerr admitted she "had been struggling with some caddie issues" and explained how it can be hard to gel with someone on course. More>>



On personal transformation
Kerr at peace after finding success on LPGA tour

By Steve DiMeglio, USA TODAY
EDINA, Minn. — From Arby's to Nobu New York.

From mass transit to private jets.

From 200 pounds to 130.

From unapproachable, brash and abrupt to savvy, chic and courteous.

For Cristie Kerr, her 30-year tour of life is marked by reflection, redemption and reinvention, a journey from humble means in a tough Miami-Dade neighborhood to self-earned riches affording her a millionaire's lifestyle. More>>



On her 14th career win
One year after 'perfect' tournament Kerr ready to defend Wegman's LPGA

By John Kekis
Associated Press

Cristie Kerr's dream turned into reality last year, winning the Wegman's LPGA Championship in near-record fashion. She's ready to see if her sweet swing can do it again.

"In so many ways, it was a perfect tournament," Kerr said of her magnificent performance last June at Locust Hill Country Club. "I don't know if I'll ever be able to top that, but I'll try. You've got to try."

On a course that had been lengthened and narrowed to make it worthy of a major championship, Kerr was the leader after every round and shot 19-under 269 to match the lowest score in relation to par in a women's major. More>>



On being the top American in 2010
Can Cristie Kerr Be the Breakout Star of the LPGA Tour?

by Ryan Ballengee

On Sunday at Locust Hill in mild-mannered Rochester, NY, Cristie Kerr shook up the world of women's golf.  The 32-year-old completed a total routing of the field assembled for the LPGA Championship, the circuit's second major championship of the year.  Kerr was dominant throughout the tournament, going wire-to-wire, and winning by an astounding & record breaking twelve shot margin.  Her -19 final total ties the LPGA record for scoring in relation to par in a major. More>>



On raising funds for Wall Street Warfighters Foundation on Memorial Day
U.S. star Kerr chips in with charity work

By MICHAEL McGARRY, Staff Writer |

GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP - Cristie Kerr knows first-hand the stress and trauma that veterans face.

The LPGA standout shared a hotel room with her father, Michael, as a junior golfer. She would lie awake at night and listen as he relived his Vietnam experience.

Michael served in the infrantry in Vietnam from 1966-67. He was in a company of 250 soldiers - Kerr said 50 or 60 of them died her father's first year.

"He'd be sleeping and dreaming and yelling out orders to people," Kerr said Wednesday during an informal conversation with reporters two days before the start of the ShopRite LPGA Classic. "He'd say, 'Cover, get this, take cover.' (Or), 'Man that gun over there or whatever.' And he would never remember it when he woke up. You don't realize how traumatic it is." More>>



On raising money for breast cancer
Cristie Kerr Fights Breast Cancer One Birdie at a Time BY CHRISTINA COOK

AS GOLF’S CRISTIE KERR watched her mother, Linda, fight breast cancer, she knew she had to stand up and raise money to fight the disease. This year, her Cristie Star Collection with renowned jewelry house Kwiat gives 10 percent of all proceeds to her Birdies for Breast Cancer, which has raised more than $1.2 million since she founded it in 2004. The collection, inspired by Kwiat’s Signature Platinum Star Collection, includes a pair of delicate diamond-drop earrings and a pendant of the same design, in two different sizes. A devoted advocate for the cause, Kerr also donates $50 for every birdie and $100 for every eagle she makes on tour. More>>

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