Jiyai Shin talks keys to playing well this week

LPGA.com caught up with Jiyai Shin for a quick Q&A. Although, Shin will be sitting the next few weeks out with a wrist injury she tells us what she feels are the keys to playing well at ShopRite LPGA Classic and her favorite holes.

LPGA: What is the key to playing well at Seaview?
SHIN: The greens are fairly small with lots of breaks. So knowing and controlling the speed is important.

LPGA: How does it match with your game?
SHIN: It plays fairly short so my drive is better favored here. This also helps with my short iron play as well.

LPGA: What are your favorite holes?
SHIN: 14, 15 and 16. They are challenging to play so I enjoy that.

LPGA: What were you looking forward to that week?
SHIN: Going to the pro-am dinner and this time taking my ID with me so I can get in. Last year it was at a casino and the security wouldn’t let me in without ID. I guess I still look pretty young then, so I will take it as a compliment.

LPGA: What was your favorite things to do while in New Jersey last year?
SHIN: Lots of Koreans live around the area. So meeting fans and chatting with them is great.

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