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I get asked so frequently where my hometown is in England that even if I told an English person they probably wouldn’t have the slightest clue where it was. I resort to putting “North Yorkshire, England” as my home city on my player profile, but that’s kind of like saying South Florida here in the US. I’m actually from an extremely small town in the heart of the English countryside. Middleham, with its own 12th Century castle, is currently a center for horse racing in the UK.

Both of my parent’s careers are centered on racing, so much so that my dad used to be a jockey in his early years. People are always so baffled when I tell them I never had an interest in racing. In fact I played soccer ever since I could walk and then picked up golf when I was about eight when my grandfather took me for lessons at my local golf course.

The past six years have been so exciting but nothing really compares to the excitement of the last six months. Just last week I was standing on the first tee of the first round of the Wegmans LPGA Championship with one of my golfing idols, Laura Davies. As the most successful English female golfer, I grew up watching her and dreaming of following in her footsteps. Now I’m here playing, not just with Laura, but also with the best golfers the game has ever produced.

Not only is this an exciting time for my golf game, but on my rare weeks off I am also planning my wedding with my fiancé Adam Shadoff, a TV sports anchor here in Florida. As you can probably imagine there is not much time for doing things outside of golf right now but I always enjoy coming home to our six year old chihuahua, Bacon, and our newest edition Zia, a mini dachshund. 

If someone would have told me back when I was a kid that I would live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, then move to Sarasota, Florida, I probably would have told them they were crazy! Now here I am with a college degree, an LPGA tour card, an engagement ring, and two dogs to top everything off!!


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