Mo Martin Rookie Blog Two: City Slicker

I love Los Angeles, I was born and raised there… the palm trees, endless sun, sky scrapers, mountains, beaches, traffic, smog, hipsters and homeless people…it all feels familiar, like only a home could.  I grew up having 12 million neighbors, my fellow “Los Angelinos,” and that felt perfectly normal.  That is until I met my Grandpa and the Ranch.

Well, I technically knew my Grandpa from a distance, but up until about 6 years ago, I hadn’t the slightest clue what a profound effect my Grandpa and the Ranch were about to have on me. Fate has been kind, and it has given me the time and space to find a new home at the Ranch.  The Ranch is a 100-acre orange grove tucked into the foothills of the Sierras in Central California: complete with two ponds, a dirt runway, 4x4’s, a jeep from WW2, an old fire engine, and more wildlife than the LA Zoo could imagine. 

At first, getting acclimated to the ranch was like one scene after another from City Slickers.  Mules, cows, rattlesnakes, tarantulas, and wild pigs all make their home around the Ranch, and I’d need another blog to account for all the critters the cats have brought in and let loose in the house. Let’s just say trying to dislodge a snake from one of the casters in a dining room chair is just one of many experiences I’ll never forget. I’ll also never forget how odd it felt to pick my fruit from a tree for the first time…isn’t fruit supposed to come from grocery stores and have a bar code stamped on it?? And the silence at night was certainly a brand new sensory experience; apparently my 12 million neighbors growing up were never asleep at the same time. And the stars at night…without all the light pollution it seemed like there were a billion more stars to make wishes on!!

I started to “live off the land,” and interact with nature in a brand new, very fulfilling way.  I also met the domestic side of Mo Martin. I started to cook and bake, and discovered one of my favorite things of all time…baking a blueberry pie for my Grandpa and watching him eat it at all hours of the day. So, in between traveling to all parts of the globe to chase a little white ball around golf courses, this city slicker has found a new love…the Ranch!!

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