Beatriz Recari talks about the Olympics

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Beatriz Recari of Spain tees off during the second round of the Mizuno Classic at Kintetsu Kashikojima Country Club on November 5, 2011 in Shima, Japan.

The 2012 Summer Olympics have begun and many from all over the world will be watching their favorite athlete or sport hoping for their country to bring home the gold. caught up with several players to get their take on this year's Summer Olympics. Today Beatriz Recari takes time to answers a few questions from her favorite event to watch, her favorite moment of the Summer Olympics and a lot more.

LPGA: Do you have a favorite Summer Olympics moment?
Recari: When Phelps beat at least three world records by a big margin! Amazing to watch!

LPGA: Who is your favorite Summer Olympics athlete?
Recari: Usian Bolt

LPGA: What is your favorite sport to watch in the Summer Olympics?
Recari: I love watching swimming, athletics and gymnastics.

LPGA: Which country do you think will win the most medals?
Recari: China

LPGA: Which Summer Olympic sport would you like to play individual and team?
Recari: Athletics and Synchronized Swimming

LPGA: Which Summer Olympics sport would you never want to try?
Recari: Hands down Boxing! No violence please!

LPGA: Which sport did you have no idea was in the Olympics?
Recari: Fencing

LPGA: If you were on the gymnastics team which event would you want to participate in?
Recari: Floor exercise

LPGA: If you were on a synchronized swimming team, what LPGA players would you want on your team?
Recari: Natalie Gulbis and Ryann O'Toole

LPGA: How do you feel about golf being added to the Olympics in 2016?
Recari: It was great! I think it needed to be added for a long time and will definitely be great for golf!

LPGA: Is making the 2016 Olympics a goal of yours?
Recari: It for sure is!

LPGA: What sport did Margaret Abbott play to become the first U.S. woman to win Olympic gold, in 1900?
Recari: Golf! Thanks Wikipedia!

LPGA: What would it mean to you to carry the Olympic Torch for your country?
Recari: It would be a dream!

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