Off-season Q&A with Jennifer Song

Another season came to an end and with that caught up with several players to get their thoughts on last season, plans for the off-season and if they'll be putting down the clubs and truly take some time off. This week we check in with Jennifer Song to see what she has to say about 2012 and what she'll be doing to prepare for the 2013 season.

Describe your 2012 season using only one word?

How would you compare this season to seasons in the past?
Better than the year before, unfortunately I have learned things the hard way, but it has made me very strong.

What part of your game have you been the happiest with this season?
I have more variety in my short game.

How well did you meet the goals you set for yourself?
I only met 15% of my goals, but I haven't gone backwards so I am happy about the direction I'm taking.

You've been traveling off and on for about 10 months now, what are you most excited about at home?
Just finally being able to be lazy for a couple of days with absolutely no worries.

How will you spend your off-season?
I will be spending a lot of my time with my family. I'm planning on going skiing and heading downtown with my high school friends.

How long will you put down your clubs?
A month or a month and half.

Heading into the off-season do you have anything specific you want to work on with your game?
Consistency with my long game and having more trust in my shot.

Will you have a specific exercise routine to stay fit prior to 2013?
I will work out five or six times a week and do some yoga.

How do you go about preparing for a new season?
Just settle down nicely and read a lot of books to calm my inner self. I'm going to strengthen my hips and lower body muscles. I will also enhance my weight transfer and transition in my swing.

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