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This week is all about ... Na Yeon Choi

Photo Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It's that time of year! The start of the 2013 LPGA season is quickly approaching and each week throughout the year we will spotlight one LPGA player and provide an in depth look into her life - both on and off the course. Our first in "This week is all about..." series is Na Yeon Choi.

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  • Quick 18 with Na Yeon Choi

    Na Yeon Choi took a few minutes to answer 18 fun questions. Find out something you may not know about her.

  • Embracing Big Changes

    Being a major champion and the No. 2 golfer in the world comes with its own pressures and challenges when preparing for a new season. So far this year the...

  • Read the buzz all about ... Na Yeon Choi

    Each week throughout the year we are spotlighting one LPGA player and this week's featured player is Na Yeon Choi. See what others have to say about this...

This week it's all about Na Yeon Choi

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