2013 Bader Sharp Shootout

The 3rd annual Bader Sharp Shootout is now in the books.  Every year we try to raise the bar and adding the shootout to this year’s event definitely did that. The shootout on Thursday afternoon was very exciting.  We would like to thank Seville and their staff for making it a memorable one. The added touches and the champagne chilling on the 18th green made the shootout extra special. Congrats to Rick Fleury and LPGA pro Kris Tamulis who took the shootout’s first title.
PF Changs did a fantastic job on Thursday night. The food was amazing and it added to the buzz of the shootout and our event.  Thank you to Craggy Range for being a huge supporter all three years of our event and for supplying the wine for the evening.

We want to thank all of our sponsors as without them this event wouldn’t be such a success.  Thank you to Laura and Rob Miller for being our platinum sponsor and being so helpful with so many aspects of the event.  Kathy and Allen Hodges have been instrumental in getting this event off the ground and have been there since the first meeting.  Jeanne Welivar and Rick Staszewski have been gold sponsors for the last two years.  We thank them for all their hard work behind the scenes.  Thank you Bob Wentworth for joing our gold sponsor list and also thanks to Allen Hodges for getting Savitz Corp on board. 

We had more silver sponsors this year which was a huge help to the bottom line of the event.  Thank you to Craig Hadges and General Dynamics for being so generous to our event the last two years.  Everything was better this year, we continue to get more hole sponsors and memorial sponsors. Number 17 looked beautiful this year, what a great way to remember our loved ones.

There are so many of you that have supported this event since the beginning and we are very greatful to you.  The members at Seville are amazing and we are both proud to belong to a club that gets behind events like ours.  We had countless volunteers helping us out behind the scenes, from getting houses and transportation for the LPGA players, to donating items for the auction.  Thank you Tim Fleming for framing our sponsor flags, they looked amazing. We thank all of you for all your hard work and donating your time to make our event such an amazing one.

We couldn’t do this event without the help of our familes and close friends.  Thank you to the Baders and Sharps for all you do. Also, the Lynch family from Toledo, you are amazing.  Lastly, we cannot forget to thank our committee for their time and brilliant ideas, thanks -  Allen, Rick, Jeanne, Lori, Rob, Bo, Doug, Barry and Lynda.

We cannot express our gratitude to all the participants and the sponsors who made it all possible. Also, to our LPGA friends who make our event stand out from the rest! When we decided to merge our charities together our vision was to bring awareness and crucial funding to both Alzheimer’s and Pancreatic Cancer. It makes us very proud to say we raised $43,000 this year.  Every year we keep raising more and we thank you!!!  Look forward to seeing you all again next year!

God Bless,
Beth n Alena

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