Check-in with rookie Daniela Iacobelli

Daniela Iacobelli
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Daniela Iacobelli plays a shot on the sixth hole during the first round of the Pure Silk-LPGA Bahamas Classic at the Ocean Club course on May 24, 2013 in Paradise Island, Bahamas.

Another season has come to an end and with that caught up with several rookies to get their thoughts on their first season on Tour, what part of their game grew this year and advice for the next class of rookies. This week we check in with Daniela Iacobelli to see what she has to say about 2013 and what she'll be doing to prepare for next year.

LPGA: What part of your game has grown the most this year? 
IACOBELLI: Course Management.

LPGA: What did you do in your spare time when on the road?
IACOBELLI: Spare time? Didn't have that. 

LPGA: What was the biggest transition for you this season?
IACOBELLI: Starting at the bottom of the food chain.

LPGA: When practicing do you listen to you listen to music?

LPGA: What is your go to club in your bag?

LPGA: What was your best moment on tour this season?
IACOBELLI: I had a career low 65 in Phoenix at the LPGA Founders Cup.

LPGA: What do you wish someone had told you early in the season?
IACOBELLI: Don't change equipment!

LPGA: Did you have an “ah ha” moment this year?
IACOBELLI: After every single shot.

LPGA: Earlier this year we asked what tournament you were looking forward to most – now we want to know what was your favorite, the best tour stop on your schedule this year.
IACOBELLI: The Kingsmill Championship - by far. The tournament epitomized everything that encompasses a golf event.

LPGA: With the season now over what are you planning on doing during the down time?

LPGA: How will you prepare for the 2014? 
IACOBELLI: Managing the Qualifying Tournament. 

LPGA: What advice do you have for next year’s class of rookies?
IACOBELLI: Just forget the money and have fun.


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