Today's Question in the Holiday Series: What makes you happiest?

It's the happiest time of the year, and with the holidays just around the corner, has asked our players to respond to a few festive, holiday questions. Today's question in the series is...Name something that makes you the happiest at Christmas.

Brittany Altomare Spending time with my family.
Anya Alvarez Seeing family.
Amy Anderson Celebrating Jesus' birth with family.
Dottie Ardina Good health.
Jacqui Concolino Walking up Christmas morning and eating the desserts from Christmas Eve.
Lindy Duncan The food.
Austin Ernst Spending time with my family.
Yueer Cindy Feng Chocolate.
Jaye Marie Green That Jesus came to this earth for us! So humbly amazing.
Megan Grehan I love opening presents.
Natalie Gulbis Catching up with friends and family and cooking with my mom.
Caroline Hedwall Being with family and friends.
Daniela Holmqvist Family
Emma Jandel Just being with my family and boyfriend is amazing!
Jennifer Johnson Christmas music.
Hanna Kang I always go to church on the holidays. I think church is the best place to go.
Kim Kaufman Going home and seeing everyone, it reminds me of being a kid.
Stacey Keating All the family getting together.
I.K. Kim Surprising gifts and I like doing the same for loved ones.
Jennifer Kirby Being with family and doing nothing.
Joanna Klatten Being with family.
Lydia Ko A day off and you get to play with friends and I go to Church.
Jessica Korda My Starbucks Gingerbread latte and being with my family.
Cindy LaCrosse I love getting gifts for my family, my nephew is the most fun.
Rebecca Lee-Bentham Being with family and friends.
XiYu Lin Rest.
Pernilla Lindberg Just seeing my family, which I don't get to do very often.
Megan McChrystal Participating in my church's live nativity.
Giulia Molinaro Being with family.
Erica Popson Family.
Paula Reto Being surrounded by people that love me...FAMILY!
Natalie Sheary Spending it with family.
Jenny Shin Sharing gifts with family.
Marta Silva Reunited with my whole family and spending time together at home in our PJs
Kristie Smith Being home with my family.
Jackie Stoelting Being home with family and watching people open up gifts you got them.
Line Vedel Family time.
Caroline Westrup Family


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