Florida's Natural Moms On Tour Q&A with Danah Bordner

In this month's Florida's Natural Moms Blog, we look at Danah Bordner, a new mom on Tour. Bordner takes a moment while "Taylor Ford Bordner" is down for her afternoon nap for a Quick Q&A with LPGA.com.

Did you miss playing golf once you took time off while pregnant?
I not only missed being out on Tour but also seeing my friends. You have a "family" when you are on the road and I'm lucky to have found that.

Tell us about your little girl?
Taylor is great. She's forming a little personality. She's been a trooper with our move to Pittsford, NY and is a happy baby.

How long after you had Taylor did you get back into golf?
I hit balls three weeks after Taylor was born but I didn't get into heavier working out and practicing until she was eight weeks old.

What has changed with your game?
Practicing now is more about quality not quantity. I'm working on getting my distance back from 2011.

How do you juggle family time and golf time?
With my husband taking a new head professional job in Pittsford, NY, it has been a struggle for me to get back to golf. It is all about finding balance (and good babysitters of course:) )

Do you plan to bring Taylor along on the road?
I plan on bringing Taylor about 75% of the time. My mom will be traveling with me and then as she gets older I will put her into childcare (Thanks to Smuckers!)

What will be the hardest part about traveling now?
I'm very organized but this brings organization to a whole new level. I would like to continue to breast feed, so we will see how that is going to fit in.

What advice have other moms on tour given you?
The support from other moms on Tour has been great and the welcomed advice keeps pouring in.

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