For the Love of the Fans: Giulia Sergas

Dear LPGA,

Just wanted to pass along what a wonderful experience I had with my two daughters ages 8-10 during the pro-am day at this week’s Kia Classic. We met up with a few friends the same age as my oldest and made it a day being out there from 7:30am to almost 5pm. All the girls had a wonderful time during the day and learned so much while watching the lady pros.

But one in particular was Giulia Sergas. After a T4 finish at the RR Donnelley LPGA Founders Cup the previous week and obviously looking to build on that momentum, Giulia did something very unexpected and very rewarding. Giulia had a 1:20 pro-am tee time and the seven of us (four girls and three dads) were hanging out on the 10th tee box watching everyone tee off and decided to follow one of the groups. When we saw Giulia and her caddie waiting for the pro-am group to show up we finished our lunch and decided to ask her if no one shows up if we could come inside the ropes and follow her during what would be her final practice round. 

As it turned out the group never turned up and Giulia said yes and told the girls to walk the fairway with her. We all joined her and her caddie, Nadia for what turned out to be a very special two hours as Giulia spent the entire time chatting with the girls, taking lots of pictures with the girls, letting the girls try to make her putts from the greens. She gave putting lessons and also did cartwheels in the fairways with all the girls and also handed out signed golf balls to everyone at the end of her round.

I am pretty sure you would not see this during a PGA event but seems the LPGA just “gets it” and made four little and possible future LPGA golfers very happy and as a father I could not have asked for a better day with my little golfing girls. I just wanted to pass this very unselfish act that Ms. Sergas gave to some very happy girls and one that will be remembered for a very long time for everyone that was there. She easily could have said no to us to work on her game and we all would have understood. Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for a great event and mostly for having some FANtastic representatives out there on the LPGA.

Chris Glossner

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