This week is all about the LPGA Founders and Pioneers

Each week throughout the year we are spotlighting one LPGA Tour player by providing an in depth look into her life - both on and off the course.  This week we will change it up a little and spotlight the LPGA Founders and Pioneers.

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Photos of the Founders and Pioneers

  • A Tribute to the Trailblazers

    In the late 1940’s, 13 talented young women came together to develop what would be one of the largest and most successful women’s sports organizations in the...

  • Founders and Pioneers

    The LPGA owes its long and distinguished history to the hard work and commitment of its 13 founders.

  • LPGA Founding Members

    This week is a celebration and tribute to the 13 founding members of the LPGA Tour, and the four additional members credited for helping create one of the most...

  • Pioneers in Women's Golf

    The Pioneers in Women's Golf along with the 13 Founders made the LPGA Tour what it is today.

Louise Suggs Founders Feature

Louise Suggs Founders Feature

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