Five Things You Didn’t Know About…Nicole Hage

Photo Credit: Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

1. She laughs when she tells the story of how she was recruited to Auburn. When Nicole got her first call from the coach, she told her she didn’t want to play on the west coast. After finding out she’d be playing in Alabama, it turned out to be a great match.
2. She has a slight obsession with her three Cocker Spaniels: Bo Jackson, Reese and CJ.
3. Nicole attended the Indianapolis 500 last year and said she would love to be a race car driver if she wasn’t a golfer.
4. She’s a self-proclaimed ‘chocoholic’ and her current go-to is white chocolate with cookies and cream Hershey’s Drops
5. Nicole is roommates with fellow LPGA Tour pro Cindy LaCrosse in Jupiter, Fla. and claims to be the neat freak of the duo. Super organized and clean, she says she has some OCD tendencies when it comes to keeping their place tidy


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