Brooke Pancake: Rookie Blog Two

Photo Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I am quickly learning how busy this lifestyle is and can become; my second home has become international airports and rental cars. But just like anything else, I have learned to try and make the most out of the opportunities that have opened up for me. I was given the best advice from a veteran player earlier this year to really try and see things everywhere we go because before long all of the hotels and golf courses tend to blend together. 

We get the chance yearly to travel the world and see so many different cultures, so everywhere I go I try and get a taste of the local culture and sometimes take a souvenir home with me. 

It is definitely not a secret that I have an uncontrollable sweet tooth, so a majority of my souvenirs are types of candy that I cannot get in the states! When I was flying home from the United Kingdom and Canada, I almost couldn't fit all of the candy and sweets in my carry-on!! But needless to say, my family and friends were extremely happy to see me when I got home!

My next worldwide travel is to France, and I am already looking up tourist attractions and hopefully can make it to other cities! 


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