Sophie Gustafson Changes Course

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Sophie Gustafson hasn't hung up her clubs she's just decided to step away from the LPGA to return to her native Europe and play on the Ladies European Tour. Gustafson, 39, from Sweden, won six times and earned more than $6 million in her LPGA career and was a frequent member of the European Solheim Cup team. caught up with Gustafson for a quick Q&A.

Q. What’s this year been like for you working on your game?

Gustafson: It's been good. I've been working hard though it has felt fairly disheartening since I haven't gotten anything out of it on paper. It's hard to keep grinding on the practice tee when you get absolutely nothing out of it on the course during tournaments.

Q. When did you come to the decision to take some time off from the LPGA?

Gustafson: It was a decision that grew during the summer. I just wasn't having any fun on the course when things started to go south and it went south a lot and very often. That just wears on you. I'm quite happy just not on the course when nothing works. It kinda breaks your heart over and over again.

Q. How will you spend next year?

Gustafson: I plan to spend my off time in Florida working on my game between January and May and then play the Ladies European Tour events in between there. Summers over here in Europe and then when fall and winter rolls around I'll go back to Florida again.

Q. What will you miss the most about the LPGA?

Gustafson: The people, the well manicured courses and the good range balls.

Q. What is the most memorable event over the span of your career?

Gustafson: All the Solhiem Cups, my first LPGA win in Atlanta and my British Open win.

Q. What has been the greatest reward of your career?

Gustafson: All the experiences from all the different places and the the different people. No question.

Q. Is there a timeline for your return to the LPGA?

Gustafson: I don't know if I'm coming back. If I can get my confidence back next year on the LET, I think I'll be back in 2015. If that doesn't happen, I hope I have the good sense to quit. 

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