Style Watch: Anna Nordqvist Makes a Change

Anna Nordqvist
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Anna Nordqvist recently made a club and apparel change. It is clear the transition has been easy for the Sweden native as Nordqvist picked up her thrid career victory at the Honda LPGA Thailand. caught up with Nordqvist for a quick Q&A about her switch to TaylorMade and Adidas for this year.

LPGA: What was the process of switching to a new brand.
NORDQVIST: I visited the TaylorMade fitting center, the Kingdom, at the end of December to try out the new stuff they had in line for 2014. The guys at TaylorMade have been extremely helpful and made the switch pretty smooth. I really fell in love with their clubs, so more than anything it has been a very fun and inspiring process. I used to play the TaylorMade golf ball a couple years ago so it wasn’t that big of a change and it only took a couple hours for the TaylorMade guys to get me fitted for new wedges, irons, hybrids, woods and driver. Their technology is second to none and I really fell in love with all of their products!!

LPGA: How hard was it to change from one brand to the next.
NORDQVIST: I switched all 14 clubs and my golf ball. I have always been open to change so for me it was more fun than a challenging change. I made the change in the off season and was taking the Pure Silk Bahamas LPGA Classic event off in January so it was great timing. I used that time to get settled and play around with my new equipment. My jet speed driver is the best driver I have ever played and it is been fun picking up some yardage I used to miss.

As far as clothes it has been a bit of a change. I was with my old clothing company for five years so most of my wardrobe was full of it. I sure made some friends happy this off season. Adidas is fun and edgy, yet very traditional on the golf course. It is sporty so it really matches my personality and I love the colors they have in the line. I have really enjoyed wearing the new stuff on and off the course. I'm sure it is more different for my friends and fans to see me in the new stuff, but I have gotten a lot of compliments and started to wear a visor and regular hat instead of the trucker hat. Change can be good and it certainly has been for me so I am excited!

LPGA: How has it gone with the change?
NORDQVIST: The change has been great. It will take me some time to get used to how the clubs and ball react on certain grasses and in wind. Once you get comfortable you know how the shots will react in downwind vs. hurting wind and you can really trust the shots when you are hitting it. We had some wind in Australia and in Singapore and I still felt like I was trying to adjust on my distances in the different conditions, but I liked what I saw. I won the Honda LPGA Thailand, my second tournament with the new equipment, so I couldn’t be happier to be a part of TaylorMade-Adidas golf!! :) 

LPGA: Do you like your new look, we certainly do and know fans do as well so where can fans find your new look or the clubs?
NORDQVIST: Yes, I love my new look and I hope the fans do as well. Most stuff can be found at and in local pro shops and golf stores! :)

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