2009 Rookies - Question Seven

The rookies of the 2009 LPGA Tour are beginning to make a name for themselves. Get to know the rookies as they share their thoughts on a few topics. Check back towards the start of the season to find out more about your favorite rookies as LPGA.com shares some insight into their lives.

If you could pick the dream pairing who would it be? And why?
Tania Elosegui
Lorena and Annika. Annika because I think she has been one of the best players of all time and Lorena because she is the current number one player.
Janell Howland
(not a rookie but participated in rookie orientation)
United States
Freddy because he has always been my favorite. Jack because of his amazing personality and history of the game. Tiger because he is so good.
M.J. Hur
South Korea
Lorena Ochoa and Paula Creamer. Those players are the most famous on the LPGA Tour. They will have many spectators who can watch my game.
Mindy Kim
United States
Of course Tiger Woods, my dad, and I because I would love to talk to Tiger and ask him how his life is and how it got him there, and I want my dad to be there to cherish the moment.
Jeehae Lee
South Korea
Tiger, Justin Timberlake, Woody Austin: I want to witness Tiger pulling off miraculous shots and putts and doing as many of his different fist pumps; I want Justin to do a sexy birdie dance every time one of us makes a birdie; and I want Woody to highlight every missed putt with a crazy "I AM VERY ANGRY RIGHT NOW" reaction. That would be the most enjoyable round of golf I can think of having.
Stacy Lewis
United States

My dream pairing would be just myself and my dad. That is just how I started playing golf.

Mika Miyazato
Yani Tseng, because I have known her since she was an amateur.
Anna Nordqvist
I've always wanted to play with Annika, since she's been my role model since I was little. I always admired Tiger, too, so I would say Tiger, Annika, myself, and a friend of mine.
Angela Oh
United States

Jim Carey would most definitely have to be in it. Jack Black and Mi Hyun Kim are my idols.

Sunny Oh
United States
Lorena Ochoa and Se Ri Pak because Lorena Ochoa is the number one player and Se Ri Pak is a Korean Hall of Famer. Se Ri Pak was the person I looked up to when I was young.
Shiho Oyama
Lorena Ochoa and Paula Creamer. I think they stand out on the LPGA Tour and I would like to lear from both of them.
Pornanong Phatlum
I will pick Lorena Ochoa because I like her very much and I want to learn the golf game from her.
Samantha Richdale
My dream pairing would be with my dad and his father. I never met my grandpa because he passed away, but his love for the game passed down to my dad, which eventually passed down to me.
Jessica Shepley
Justin Timberlake - so he can sing to me. Tiger - because it's Tiger. Tyson Beckford - for the visual.
Jiyai Shin
South Korea
It would be Annika since she was one of the best players on the LPGA. To play with one of the best players is such a joy and fun to me.
Nontaya Srisawang
Anthony Kim, Annika, and Tiger. I like to see how they get around the golf course.
Kim Welch
United States
My dad, Tiger, and Jack. Do you really need me to explain?

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